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Francisco Vaz da Costa Marques Filhos & C.ª S.A is a family-owned business since its foundation in 1960, by the father of the current directors.

At first, the company was exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of embroideries for Home Textiles (bed and table linen) through its Bovi brand.

In 1974, the company began the process of setting up a production line for providing services in the field of Textile Finishing and in that same year began offering said services. Over the years, we invested heavily in new machinery, software and laboratory equipment.


Vaz da Costa has nowadays a set of highly developed machines, equipped with cutting edge technology which allows us to work with very high quality levels, being able to meet both the constant challenges posed by our clients and present-day market's strict requirements. Thanks to our long experience and high quality standards Vaz da Costa nowadays exports its services to several European countries, namely Spain, France and Belgium.

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