Francisco Vaz da Costa Marques, Filhos & C.ª S.A. (FVCM) has, since its foundation, a constant interest in the wellbeing of its collaborators. We underwrite the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by implementing its guidelines in all our chain of production, be that directly in our production units, or with our suppliers and companies we subcontract.

FVCM believes that companies should give back to their communities, working closely with socially responsible organizations. For that reason, FVCM promotes donations to local organizations such as CERCIGUI, Guimarães Lions Club and the Red Cross. We’re also a "partner-company" of the international platform – D’Avó With Love, a project which focused in promoting active ageing, while supplying clothing to children in many developing nations. Learn more at

If you know, or suspect, of any bad conduct, which may conflict with our company’s values, we recommend you report it, by filling-in this form:

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